Why Mike? A proven leader, committed to representing the interests of all Lawrence residents.

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Proven Leadership

Four years of experience serving on the Lawrence City Commission and is a member on a wide variety of community focused boards and task forces.

Community-Wide Vision
Serving the interests of all citizens of Lawrence and the unique neighborhoods that encompass our city.

Fiscally Responsible
Dedicated to providing the best services possible in the most cost-effective manner. Helped maintain a stable property tax mill levy under difficult financial conditions.

Partner & Team Builder
Built relationships with leaders across our community (neighborhoods, businesses, university).  Facilitated discussion and agreement on a variety of important community issues.

A Strong, Diverse Economy
Committed to attracting and growing a wide variety of businesses—retail, services, manufacturing, industrial, and biosciences. 

Effective Communicator
Carefully conveyed the needs of a wide variety of community members to local officials and state and federal legislators.

Thoughtful Listener
Only through listening to the needs of the citizens can one effectively lead. All decisions are made based on the important feedback provided by constituents.

Persistent Planner
Focused on the development of sector plans for the future growth of our community. Helped establish a more streamlined and understandable development process.

Environmentally Educated
With over 20 years of environmental experience to draw from, helped establish sustainability guidelines for our community and assisted on the technical aspects of the recent Farmland Industries site acquisition.

Infrastructure Dedicated
Helped re-establish a focus on repairing or existing infrastructure and allocated specific resources to maintaining all city infrastructure in the future.