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October 18, 2023 – Advance Voting Begins
November 7, 2023 – General Election

Why I want to be your City Commissioner

I believe Lawrence is making progress, but we still have important work ahead. Using the skills acquired during my eight years on the Lawrence City Commission and capitalizing on the many partnerships historically developed with a wide variety of citizens, local leaders and agencies we need to continue the progress and strengthen Lawrence now and for future generations.

When I left the City Commission in 2015, I believed the city was in a better place than where we started in 2007. Managing through financial crisis and difficult community decisions was not easy, but Lawrence was left in an enviable position of financial sustainability and potential growth. The current development and housing crisis in our community, along with the lack of a cohesive policy focused clearly on the unhoused and unsheltered citizens of Lawrence has inspired me to serve again. While our struggles are not unique, my passion and experience related to solving these issues in the past will bring the leadership and focus required to move forward.

None of us know exactly what brought Lawrence to the position we are in today, but we all can make a difference in developing the plan forward and creating a city where neighbors can afford to live safely and humanely. I encourage you to read more on my campaign website and to support our cause in any way possible through a donation of your time, money or experience.

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Experienced Leadership:
Served 8 years on Lawrence City Commission 2007-2015

Proven Results:
  • Launched city-wide recycling program
  • Increased public recreational facilities
  • Stabilized struggling public bus system
  • Supported new job with investments in Venture Park, Peaslee Tech and KU Innovation Center
If elected I pledge to:
  • Listen to the needs and concerns of all Lawrencians
  • Work to revitalize our older neighborhoods with family-friendly infill projects to strengthen our schools
  • Support new housing development at all price levels
  • Reduce our reliance on residential property taxes by increasing our commercial tax base
  • Support creation of new high-quality jobs

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