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Dear Friends,

I am excited to once again be running for a seat on the Lawrence City Commission. Today, Lawrence is experiencing multiple challenges from critical housing shortages and the homelessness it creates, to school closings and the percentage of the property tax burden carried by residential compared to commercial properties. I firmly believe these issues can all be solved at the city commission level, and I will work enthusiastically to identify and implement bold and creative solutions to these and other issues facing our community.

During my last term, I was proud to participate in the stewardship of several critical objectives including:

  • Growth of the Bioscience and Technology Center, now called the KU Innovation Park.
  • Stabilization and coordination of the public bus system with the KU system.
  • Gaining control of the former Farmland Industries property and the creation of Venture Park, which has facilitated the investment of millions of dollars in new real estate and the creation of hundreds of new jobs.
  • Improving recreational opportunities for residents and visitors via the Sports Pavilion Lawrence and expansion of multi-use and bike paths throughout the city.
  • Established a citywide residential recycling program.
  • Creation of The Dwayne Peaslee Technical Training Center.

We are facing different challenges as I enter this election, but I will bring the same creativity and commitment to our current problems as I did during my prior two terms. If elected this fall my goals will be to:

  • Study all current programs and procedures currently in place regarding residents experiencing homelessness and champion a coordinated policy to improve transparency and provide a safer environment for all residents and visitors.
  • Implement solutions to stabilize and revitalize older neighborhoods and create more diverse housing options to reduce enrollment declines that ultimately result in school closings.
  • Amending Plan 2040 to facilitate density as well as support new annexations and extension of infrastructure needed to address our critical shortage of housing for all residents.
  • Work to attract and approve new industrial and commercial opportunities to address the imbalance between the current property tax burden carried by homeowners (70%) versus commercial properties (30%) so we are comparable

Throughout my career and the decades my family and I have lived in Lawrence, I have had the honor and privilege of forging friendships, partnerships, and collaborations with people from all areas of our community.I will reach out to listen and understand the concerns and issues people across the community are facing. I will draw on those resources for input and ideas and I am prepared to work diligently to find and implement solutions to these challenges.

To ensure a successful campaign, I am asking for your support during the upcoming election season. Please consider a critical financial contribution and volunteer efforts needed to help me get back to serving all of the citizens of Lawrence, Kansas.

I am grateful for your confidence, support and encouraging others to get out and vote for Mike Dever.

Mike Dever