Become a volunteer

Your volunteer efforts are critical to a successful campaign.  You can make a difference by helping get the voters to the polls both election cycles and by networking with friends, colleagues, family and neighbors.  I greatly appreciate your help with this important work.

Ways to volunteer for Mike’s campaign:

Become a Neighborhood Campaign Leader

Want to get involved in the campaign process on a smaller scale, with little effort and less time, but still make a HUGE impact and a difference in helping the Mike Dever for City Commission campaign? Become a “Neighborhood campaign Leader” in your own neighborhood. What’s involved?

Neighborhood Campaign Leaders are the most critical resource for neighborhood campaigning. We’re seeking many volunteers to do a small share. Neighborhood Campaign Leaders are the direct link between their designated area and Mike Dever the candidate. Neighborhood boundaries will be clearly defined for each leader and highlighted on a Lawrence city map for easy access.

What will Neighborhood Campaign Leaders do?
    1. Attend group meetings (Startup meeting + 1-2 additional meetings).
    2. Communicate via text/email with the Head of the Committee for campaigning updates, additional needs, neighbor questions/answers, etc...
    3. Campaign Signage
      • Locate residents willing to put up a campaign sign in their yard
      • Place and maintain signs throughout the campaign
      • Take down signs at end of the campaign and give to campaign sign volunteer for recycling.
    4. Door to door walking campaign with provided materials either by yourself or organizing additional volunteers to walk the neighborhood and hand out materials.
    5. If you identify someone who wants to host a “Meet & Greet” the candidate event in their home, we will help organize this with you. You will work with the campaign PR committee to coordinate dates, times, attendees.
    6. Be creative! Think of ways to network and get neighbors involved and to vote.
    7. Put out “VOTE TODAY” signage early on the day of the election and remove after the election day. Two election dates:
      • August 1, 2023 Primary Election
      • November 7, 2023 General Election
    8. Offer feedback, great ideas, tips, advice to the campaign coordinators, and other Neighborhood Leaders. The campaign values your input and looks forward to working with you in this election.

We are so grateful for your help in ensuring a bright future for Lawrence!